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Find out about resources and special offers from unique businesses throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.  They are listed below in alphabetical order.    

Cohesive Therapy Healing & Rejuvenation Center

(Vancouver, Washington)

Cohesive Therapy Healing and Rejuvenation Center is focused on the whole body mind and spirit healing through alternative modalities of Acupuncture Massage, Reflexology, Physical Therapy and Nutrition. Each client meets with a professional provider for a consultation whereby based on the evaluation uniquely for that client we can offer a fully integrated program for increasing the quality of your life.  Sessions are not limited to the table, we are focused on self care education to give you the freedom to continue your care off the table and into your home.  Whether you are older or younger, have health concerns or are just looking to feel better we have a space for you to come find balance in your life and improve the quality of how you live everyday!  The Cohesive Therapy Healing & Rejuvenation Center is located at 2400 Broadway St. in Vancouver.  Visit

Business Location: Vancouver, Washington

Contact Information: 2400 Broadway St., Vancouver, Washington


Resource Categories: Natural Healing

Diane Dennis:

Medical Professional, Medical Intuitive & Life Transition Coach

Unhealed emotional wounds are at the root of most physical, mental, and emotional disturbances.  The unhealed wound often leads to pain, disorders, discomfort and even disease.  Most people find that healing by reading books, listening to meditations, or attending workshops fail to properly address the areas that need healing.

Diane Dennis with offers our listeners a 50% off for sacred healing coaching.  The code is SACREDHEALING. 

Testimonial: "I had a deep knowing that this work is where I need to begin. I thought I had done this work, and now realize that this process will bring the healing I've been unable to have. I am calling you for coaching. Thank you." - Kathy B. 

Special Offer: 50% Off by using the code "SACREDHEALING"

Business Location: Oregon

Contact Information: (email)


Resource Categories: Medical, Natural Healing, Personal Growth, Self-Help

Health Matters Northwest
Specializing in Preventing/Reversing Disease & Controlling Weight
(Portland, Oregon)

A Health Coach can help you reach a healthy weight by providing individualized meal plans.

We collaborate with you and your physician to develop a customized diet and lifestyle treatment plan.  

We promote emotional health and a positive outlook to increase motivation.

We educate our clients on the benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle by connecting them with the science behind this approach to health.

We are very hands on in our approach and are available to work with you in your environment if you wish. We can shop with you and cook with you.

We are Masters level professionals with certificates in Health Coaching.

Business Location: Portland, Oregon

Contact Information:

Constance Coquillette, MSW   (971) 404-5174

Lisa Fishman, MA   (425) 736-4784


Resource Categories: Natural Healing, Prevention, Weight Management

Podcast Series - Holistic Nature of Us

My intent is to take us, you and I, into a better understanding of the concepts behind our holistic nature and how that ties directly to the holistic nature of the world around us.  It's time for practical action and profound inner change so our natural world is valued once again.

Released every Tuesday: Go to: for more details. 

Business Location: USA

Contact Information: Judith Dreyer, Podcast Host


Resource Categories: Green & Sustainable Lifestyle

"Honey, You Got This!:
Technology Made Easy for Network Marketers"
by Jennifer Turnage and Megan Sumrell

Struggling with time management while running your business? Other than your talents, time is your most critical resource.  In the new book "Honey, You Got This!: Technology Made Easy For Network Marketers," Jennifer Turnage and Megan Sumrell show how to work smarter, not harder, with the help of business technology.  "Honey, You Got This!" is a guide to help you utilize technology so you can grow your business without stress and anxiety.  In today's digital world, making the most of technology can mean the difference between success and failure.

Business Location: National and International

Contact Information:


Resource Categories: Business, Technology

For the Relief of Hot Flashes Associated with Menopause

Drug-free. Hormone-free. Soy, dairy, and gluten-free.  Don't let hot flashes hold you back from living your best life!  Break free from hot flashes with safe, effective, plant-based relief from Relizen®.  Made from a unique, proprietary blend of Swedish flower pollen extracts, Relizen is a natural, non-hormonal solution for menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, mood changes and excessive sweating day and night.  Recommended by more than 3000 gynecologists, 93% of women who tried Relizen said it worked for them.  Try it!  Visit 

Business Location: JDS Therapeutics in Purchase, NY.

Contact Information: Call 1-855-RELIZEN


Resource Categories: Natural Healing Product

The Slater House:
Super Hosts with Airbnb 
1920 SE. Mulberry Ave. in Portland

Are you looking to visit family, attend a wedding, see the new grandbaby, get a job, or go to school in Portland?

The best way to lower your stress and increase your ease, no matter what brings you to Portland is to stay with a local in an Airbnb.  Fred and I are 5.7 year Super Hosts with Airbnb.

We love to bike, garden, do Jazz, and drink a local beer or wine on the front or back porch.  Won’t you join us?  Call Kim and Fred Gordon-Cumbo at (503) 522-0938 and visit

Business Location: 1920 SE. Mulberry Ave., Portland, Oregon

Contact Information: Kim and Fred Gordon-Cumbo (503) 522-0938


Resource Categories: Travel & Accommodations

The Tech Academy
(Portland, Oregon)

The Tech Academy is a technology school that trains students in computer programming and web development through a series of coding boot camps. The boot camps are taken online in full. Students have the option of studying remotely or attending in person at one of their campuses in Portland, Seattle, or Denver. The Tech Academy's curriculum is comprehensive, training students in several in-demand programming languages. They take a "bottom up" approach to teaching, starting with the basics and advancing from there. Graduates are well rounded, full-stack, junior level developers.

Business Location: 310 SW. 4th Ave, Suite 412, Portland, OR. 97201

Contact Information: Call (503) 206-6915.  Email:


Resource Categories: Education, Career Help

"Write the Book You're Meant to Write" 
by Gail Woodard, 
Founder of Dudley Court Press

 Are you ready to write your book yet?

If not now, when?

"I believe when someone feels the call to write a book, it's a call that needs to be answered. It's a call to share, to grow, to inspire - and our world needs all the inspiration it can get."  - Gail Woodard, author of "Write the Book You're Meant to Write" and publisher at Dudley Court Press, a hybrid publisher with a process to turn thoughtful people into successful published authors.  Get started today:

Contact Information:


Resource Categories: Literary, Personal Growth, Business