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Hypnotherapy is a tool for finding and reintegrating healthy pathways that were lost through trauma, stress, health problems, unhealthy emotional states or habits and unbalanced situations within your state of consciousness and unconscious behavior. Hypnotherapy can help you get unstuck from feeling rundown, depressed, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, pain issues, PTSD, and heal from physical illness.  Hypnotherapy is another form of Psychological Medicine Mental attitudes and emotional states may influence or even cause, physical illness.  Here at NW Hypnosis & Integrated Medicine we use a combination of natural therapies to help you move past your blockages and unwanted emotional state and guide you in to a Healthy Pathway through Hypnotherapy, NLP, Counseling, Reiki therapy and Kinesiology / nutritional therapy to help patients heal on a physical and  psychological level.  Call (360) 991-2619 and visit www.nwhypnosis.com.

Business Location: 16904 SE. 1st St., Suite 104, Vancouver, WA. 98684

Contact Information: Call (360) 991-2619

Website: www.nwhypnosis.com