Health Matters Northwest
Specializing in Preventing/Reversing Disease & Controlling Weight
(Portland, Oregon)

A Health Coach can help you reach a healthy weight by providing individualized meal plans.

We collaborate with you and your physician to develop a customized diet and lifestyle treatment plan.  

We promote emotional health and a positive outlook to increase motivation.

We educate our clients on the benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle by connecting them with the science behind this approach to health.

We are very hands on in our approach and are available to work with you in your environment if you wish. We can shop with you and cook with you.

We are Masters level professionals with certificates in Health Coaching.

Business Location: Portland, Oregon

Contact Information:

Constance Coquillette, MSW   (971) 404-5174

Lisa Fishman, MA   (425) 736-4784


Resource Categories: Natural Healing, Prevention, Weight Management