For 24 years, Geo Growers has been a science-based soil source.  We make soil blends for olive orchards, grape vineyards, and tree farms.  Geo Growers has become the go-to source of soil for institutions and professionals alike. 

After 24 years, Geo Growers is supplying the best.  Our soil blends have become legendary.  We rely on laboratory analysis, but we stand on the shoulders of giants: Albrecht being the most cohesive of all the researchers in Agronomy.  Others include Charles Walters, Jerry Brunetti, Andre Voisin, Dr. Richard Olree, Rudolph Steiner and Hugh Lovel, to name a few. 

Increasing yield is important, but not without the attendant, value-added factors such as turpenes, carotenoids, alkaloides, and the all-important polyphenols.  These increases are attainable and sustainable.  Geo Growers can get you there.  Call us: (512) 892-2722.  Geo Growers is located at 12002 B. Highway 290 in West Austin, Texas.  Call (512) 288-4405 and shop online by going to

Business Location: 12002 B. Highway in West Austin, Texas

Contact Information: (512) 892-2722


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