Cohesive Therapy Healing & Rejuvenation Center

(Vancouver, Washington)

Cohesive Therapy Healing and Rejuvenation Center is focused on the whole body mind and spirit healing through alternative modalities of Acupuncture Massage, Reflexology, Physical Therapy and Nutrition. Each client meets with a professional provider for a consultation whereby based on the evaluation uniquely for that client we can offer a fully integrated program for increasing the quality of your life.  Sessions are not limited to the table, we are focused on self care education to give you the freedom to continue your care off the table and into your home.  Whether you are older or younger, have health concerns or are just looking to feel better we have a space for you to come find balance in your life and improve the quality of how you live everyday!  The Cohesive Therapy Healing & Rejuvenation Center is located at 2400 Broadway St. in Vancouver.  Visit

Business Location: Vancouver, Washington

Contact Information: 2400 Broadway St., Vancouver, Washington


Resource Categories: Natural Healing