Total Body Solutions with Whole Body Vibration, PEMF Mat,
Far Infrared Sauna & Massage
(Portland, Oregon)

BodyQuirks is a nurturing environment of healing and strengthening, a place where you can come gently assist your body to either regain or maintain optimal health.  We provide the tools - Whole Body Vibration, PEMF mat, Far Infrared Sauna and massage.  Here we encourage people to listen to their bodies and to use technology to help gentle their bodies to wellness.  Whether you are an athlete wanting to take your game to a new level, or you are recovering from new or old injuries BodyQuirks Wellness is the place to go. 

Business Location: 3311 NE. MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 102 in Portland. 

Contact Information: (503) 233-1030 to schedule a demo or appointment.


Resource Categories: Natural Healing, Fitness