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I Like Comic Con
February 10 - 11
(Southwest Washington)

I Like Comic Con is a return to the roots of what made the current state of pop culture great – comic books and their artists and writers. If not for comics we wouldn’t be enjoying the myriad of comic book based movies, television shows, cartoons, swag, or comic cons for that matter. Can you imagine no comic cons? No Avengers movies? No Batman films? No Wonder Woman movie? How could we go on without having our coffee in our favorite Deadpool mug? Can you imagine it? We can’t and thankfully we don’t have to! Join along for a celebration for fans of all genres and ages as we bring you amazing guest writers, artists, creators, comic book related celebrities, cosplay, a huge Artist Alley, exhibitors and so much more!  It will be held from Feb. 10 - 11, 10 a.m., at the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds: 17402 NE. Delfel Rd. in Ridgefield.  For more, go to ilikecomiccon.com.

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