Calendar Listing for Oregon and SW Washington
(Updated Regularly)

New Year's Day Hangover Run
Tuesday, January 1

Start 2019 off with the annual 3K New Year's race.  Registration is open until the 100 runner limit is met.  Runners over 21 can also participate in their "Beer Mile."  A Beer mile is a drinking game combining running and speed drinking. The event takes place on a 1/4 mile running course...More 

International Cat Show
January 25 - 27

The International Cat Show invites you to experience the international world and variety of CATS.  Real cats.  Unique breeds in diverse styles, shapes, colors and patterns, representing feline beauty from around the world.  Old breeds with histories, to rescues with a story, over 250 cats on display and competing.  Rescue cats and kittens will be available for adoption and rescue groups will also be selling cat related items.  Judges from around the world will be officiating.  Cat lovers will be able to shop for their finicky feline, as a large variety of vendors will be offering cat items not found in local stores, including teasers, beds, blankets, cat trees and treats...More 


Podcast Series: Holistic Nature of Us
Every Tuesday

My intent is to take us, you and I, into a better understanding of the concepts behind our holistic nature and how that ties directly to the holistic nature of the world around us.  It's time for practical action and profound inner change so our natural world is valued once again.  Released every Tuesday: Go to: www.judithdreyer.com for more details.