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Find out about resources and special offers from unique businesses throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.  They are listed below in alphabetical order.    

Total Body Solutions with Whole Body Vibration, PEMF Mat,
Far Infrared Sauna & Massage
Portland, Oregon

BodyQuirks is a nurturing environment of healing and strengthening, a place where you can come gently assist your body to either regain or maintain optimal health.  We provide the tools - Whole Body Vibration, PEMF mat, Far Infrared Sauna and massage.  Here we encourage people to listen to their bodies and to use technology to help gentle their bodies to wellness.  Whether you are an athlete wanting to take your game to a new level, or you are recovering from new or old injuries BodyQuirks Wellness is the place to go. 

Business Location: 3311 NE. MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 102 in Portland. 

Contact Information: (503) 233-1030 to schedule a demo or appointment.


Resource Categories: Natural Healing, Fitness

Champion Adventures - Guided Global Travel for Adults 50+

At Champion Adventures, we believe that adventure truly happens when we allow something utterly new and wonderful to take root in our awareness.  We fully support your journey so that you are free to explore, learn, experience and deeply enjoy your own glorious adventure.

Our highlighted tours for 2017/2018 include: Scotland - The Highlands & Islands; Mystical Britain - Somerset & The Costwolds; and New Zealand's South Island

Discover more at

Anne Conrad-Antoville, BM, MM CEO/Managing Member Champion Adventures                                                              ~ A Division of Champion Advocates LLC

Guided Global Travel for Adults 50+                                                                                                                                                              We believe that adventure truly happens, when we allow something utterly new and wonderful to take root in our awareness.

Business Location: Oregon


Resource Category: Travel

Saundra Caldwell
Hypnosis, Reiki, Intuitive Counseling

Born a gifted Artist, Intuitive and Healer, Saundra Caldwell has finally made the leap to professionally offer these unique skills to the world.  Enjoy the exhilarating combination of Healing Hypnosis, Reiki and Intuitive counseling.  Give yourself a sense of new hope, powerful energy, clear visions, movement forward, peacefulness and an awesome connection with your highest good!  A visit with Saundra will take you on a wonderful journey down your Energy River of Life!  

Business Location: Oregon


Resource Categories: Counseling, Personal Growth, Natural Healing: Energy Healing

Diane Dennis:

Medical Professional, Medical Intuitive & Life Transition Coach

Diane Dennis, Medical Professional, Life Transition Coach and Medical Intuitive offers readings, coaching services, health assessments, goal reaching strategies, and emotional healing protocols. Learn how to challenge and change outdated beliefs for successful life achievement results, and how to reach those illusive goals like finding your soul mate through self love or reaching financial prosperity and staying there. Email: and mention this ad for 40% off services. Learn more at 

Business Location: Oregon

Contact Information: (email)


Resource Categories: Medical, Natural Healing, Personal Growth, Self-Help

"Write the Book You're Meant to Write" 
by Gail Woodard, 
Founder of Dudley Court Press

 Are you ready to write your book yet?

If not now, when?

"I believe when someone feels the call to write a book, it's a call that needs to be answered. It's a call to share, to grow, to inspire - and our world needs all the inspiration it can get."  - Gail Woodard, author of "Write the Book You're Meant to Write" and publisher at Dudley Court Press, a hybrid publisher with a process to turn thoughtful people into successful published authors.  Get started today:

Contact Information:


Resource Categories: Literary, Personal Growth, Business

Health Matters Northwest
Specializing in Preventing/Reversing Disease & Controlling Weight
Portland, Oregon

A Health Coach can help you reach a healthy weight by providing individualized meal plans.

We collaborate with you and your physician to develop a customized diet and lifestyle treatment plan.  

We promote emotional health and a positive outlook to increase motivation.

We educate our clients on the benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle by connecting them with the science behind this approach to health.

We are very hands on in our approach and are available to work with you in your environment if you wish. We can shop with you and cook with you.

We are Masters level professionals with certificates in Health Coaching.

Business Location: Portland, Oregon

Contact Information:

Constance Coquillette, MSW   (971) 404-5174

Lisa Fishman, MA   (425) 736-4784


Resource Categories: Natural Healing, Prevention, Weight Management

Julia Hesse
Tarot Teacher, Reader & Co-Creator of The Living Tarot Oracle

Julia Hesse is the designer, producer and main instructor for the Living Tarot Oracle™, an award-winning sacred interactive theater event.  She is also a well-loved and terrific tarot teacher and reader.  She has been living and teaching Tarot for over 20 years and has a passion for lifting tarot from 2  dimensional pictures on cards to bringing it to life for her students and clients in fun and innovative ways.  Julia is available for readings and classes online and in person.

Business Location: Astoria, Oregon

Websites: and

Resource Categories: Counseling, Personal Growth

 New You Hypnosis
Sophia J. LeBlanc, Certified Hypnotherapist

Create a "New You" with New You Hypnosis.  New You Hypnosis Systems are designed for mind-body connection and well being, tailored specifically to each individual.  Save up to $125.  Call and mention this ad to receive a FREE 30 minute consultation appointment and have questions answered about how our
hypnosis system works and how you can improve your life.  Call (503) 956-2155.  

Business Location: Oregon

Contact Information: Phone (503-956-2155) and Email:


Resource Categories: Natural Healing: Hypnosis, Personal Growth

The Tech Academy
15-Week Sofware Developer Boot Camp
Portland, Oregon

The Tech Academy operates a 15-week Software Developer Boot Camp.  Their program can be taken online from anywhere in the word.  The Tech Academy’s coding boot camp trains students in several in-demand programming languages.  By the end of the boot camp, students are well-rounded, entry-level software developers.  Whether you’re looking for a career change, you’re unemployed or fresh out of high school, The Tech Academy is the perfect option for those interested in breaking into the technology industry.  Check out The Tech Academy’s website:

Business Location: 310 SW. 4th Ave, Suite 412, Portland, OR. 97201

Contact Information: Call (503) 206-6915.  Email:


Resource Categories: Education, Career Help